Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to
Abu Dhabi408608DailyVietnam Airlines
Amsterdam14993301DailyVietnam Airlines
Atlanta Hartsfield15942638DailyVietnam Airlines
Austin Texas15972640DailyVietnam Airlines
Bangkok252585DailyVietnam Airlines
Barcelona7581258DailyVietnam Airlines
Beijing481751DailyVietnam Airlines
Boston, Logan20162664DailyVietnam Airlines
Brunei248676DailyVietnam Airlines
Buon Ma Thuot83N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Busan408808DailyVietnam Airlines
Ca Mau83N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Chengdu258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Chicago Il20162664DailyVietnam Airlines
Con Dao83N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Da Lat83120DailyVietnam Airlines
Da Nang108170DailyVietnam Airlines
Dallas15642586DailyVietnam Airlines
Denver15642586DailyVietnam Airlines
Doha408608DailyVietnam Airlines
Dong Hoi137208DailyVietnam Airlines
Frankfurt12422446DailyVietnam Airlines
Fukuoka7461270DailyVietnam Airlines
Guangzhou313446DailyVietnam Airlines
Ha Noi151285DailyVietnam Airlines
Hai Phong151230DailyVietnam Airlines
Hong Kong469652DailyVietnam Airlines
Honolulu14922369DailyVietnam Airlines
Hue108170DailyVietnam Airlines
Istanbul Ataturk Airport8421208DailyVietnam Airlines
Jakarta363677DailyVietnam Airlines
Kaohsiung396528DailyVietnam Airlines
Kuala Lumpur254369DailyVietnam Airlines
London12402081DailyVietnam Airlines
Los Angeles885N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Luang Prabang258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Lyon7581258DailyVietnam Airlines
Madrid7541944DailyVietnam Airlines
Manila360N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Marseille408808DailyVietnam Airlines
Melbourne9081430DailyVietnam Airlines
Miami1564N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Minneapolis20142662DailyVietnam Airlines
Montpellier408808DailyVietnam Airlines
Moscow10951920DailyVietnam Airlines
Nagoya554798DailyVietnam Airlines
New York408808DailyVietnam Airlines
Nha Trang83120DailyVietnam Airlines
Nice408808DailyVietnam Airlines
Osaka7091248DailyVietnam Airlines
Paris12582122DailyVietnam Airlines
Philadelphia15642586DailyVietnam Airlines
Phnom Penh218305DailyVietnam Airlines
Phu Quoc83N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Pleiku83N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Portland17412369DailyVietnam Airlines
Prague13102050DailyVietnam Airlines
Quy Nhon112170DailyVietnam Airlines
Rach Gia67N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Rome13553061DailyVietnam Airlines
San Francisco792N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Seattle14922369DailyVietnam Airlines
Seoul583838DailyVietnam Airlines
Shanghai456675DailyVietnam Airlines
Siem Reap218354DailyVietnam Airlines
Singapore282485DailyVietnam Airlines
St Louis1564N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Sydney10381868DailyVietnam Airlines
Taipei477561DailyVietnam Airlines
Tam Ky108N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Thanh Hoa158176DailyVietnam Airlines
Tokyo652998DailyVietnam Airlines
Tokyo Haneda408808DailyVietnam Airlines
Toulouse408808DailyVietnam Airlines
Tuy Hoa83DailyVietnam Airlines
Vienne7581258DailyVietnam Airlines
Vientiane313450DailyVietnam Airlines
Vinh151230DailyVietnam Airlines
Washington Dc15642586DailyVietnam Airlines
Yangon337N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Zurich7581258DailyVietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airline has 51 routes connecting from Ho Chi Minh City to other cities (Nagoya, Frankfurt, Moscow, Austin Texas, Dong Hoi, Beijing, Melbourne, Sydney, Amsterdam, Rach Gia, Tuy Hoa, Vientiane, Osaka, Seoul, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Manila, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Shanghai, Miami, Tam Ky, Paris, San Francisco, Rome, Ca Mau, Quy Nhon, Pleiku, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Da Lat, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Atlanta Hartsfield, Seattle, Portland, Honolulu, Vinh, Phnom Penh, Buon Ma Thuot, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Con Dao, Hai Phong City, Nha Trang City, Hue, Minneapolis, Siem Reap, Da Nang City, Ha Noi, Phu Quoc).

The route connecting from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc has the most flight everyweek (70 flights).

The route connecting from Ho Chi Minh City to Nagoya has the least flight everyweek (3 flights).

The longest flight is from Ho Chi Minh City to Miami , it takes 15865km (equals to 9858 miles or 8566 nautical miles) for this route.

The earliest flight is from Ho Chi Minh City to Osaka , depart time is at 00:15 and arrival time at 07:00.

The latest flight is from Ho Chi Minh City to Tokyo , depart time is at 23:55 and arrival time at 07:20.