Flight from Kuala Lumpur to
Amsterdam108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Bangkok108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Buon Ma Thuot108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Busan258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Can Tho108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Da Lat258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Da Nang258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Dien Bien Phu108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Dong Hoi108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Frankfurt11111842DailyVietnam Airlines
Fukuoka17182444DailyVietnam Airlines
Guangzhou256N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Ha Noi320460DailyVietnam Airlines
Hai Phong108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Ho Chi Minh293504DailyVietnam Airlines
Hong Kong238N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Hue258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Kaohsiung258508DailyVietnam Airlines
London258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Melbourne943N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Moscow519N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Nagoya402N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Nha Trang258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Osaka402N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Paris677N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Phnom Penh276379DailyVietnam Airlines
Phu Quoc108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Pleiku108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Quy Nhon108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Rach Gia108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Seoul553N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Shanghai279N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Siem Reap446N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Sydney956N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Taipei239N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Tam Ky108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Thanh Hoa108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Tokyo402N/ADailyVietnam Airlines
Tuy Hoa108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Vienne108208DailyVietnam Airlines
Vientiane258508DailyVietnam Airlines
Vinh108208DailyVietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airline has 10 routes connecting from Kuala Lumpur to other cities (Ha Noi, Paris, Osaka, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Tokyo).

The route connecting from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo has the most flight everyweek (42 flights).

The route connecting from Kuala Lumpur to Ha Noi has the least flight everyweek (7 flights).

The longest flight is from Kuala Lumpur to Ha Noi , it takes 2063km (equals to 1282 miles or 1114 nautical miles) for this route.

The earliest flight is from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City , depart time is at 14:20 and arrival time at 15:10.

The latest flight is from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City , depart time is at 20:20 and arrival time at 21:10.